This course is the first level in a series of courses. It will be an introductory course to Arabic Grammar.  The text that is used will be “Durusul-Lughatu al Arabia 1” by Dr. V. Abdur Rahim.  Students will also read “Tasheel Al-Nahw”, based on ‘Ilm al Nahw by Mawlana Mushtaq Ahmad Charthawali, as a supplementary text for this course. You’ll be required to have the textbooks beforehand.

In this first level course, a wide selection of sentences will be used to demonstrate how sentences work in the Arabic language. Also a wide selection of basic Arabic vocabulary will be learned throughout the course.

Our Goal:

The Arabic Language is the door to Islamic sacred knowledge and the Arabic culture. Therefore, Mahdarah’s Arabic grammar courses goals are to help students to:

  • Understand the basic Arabic sentence structure and simple words and phrases.
  • Acquire basic Arabic vocabulary.
  • Put their knowledge into action through practicing and assessment.
  • Develop listening, reading, writing and pronunciation skills

Course Syllabus:

  1. هذا (this)
  2. ذلك (that)
  3. Shamsi and Qamari letters.
  4. Some prepositions.
  5. Mudaf and mudaf ilaihi.
  6. Forming simple sentences.
  7. Forming simple questions.
  8. Singular and plural nouns.
  9. Masculine and feminine pronouns.
  10. Numbers.
  11. Countries and places.
  12. Mamnu’ Minas-Sarf.

Important Information:

  • All our classes are live to ensure full understanding and correct implementation of the lessons.
  • Flexible times; all times can be changed upon agreement with the teacher.
  • Class duration is 45 minutes.
  • For tuition and fees, please refer to our Prices & Registration page.