Arabic Conversation for Women

This course will put the students acquired knowledge of Grammar to use.

Our goal:

The Arabic Language is the door to Islamic sacred knowledge and the Arabic culture. Therefore, Mahdarah’s Arabic conversation classes goals are to:

  • Develop general Arabic fluency.
  • Equip the students with the language conversation skills necessary to enable them to communicate fluently with Arabic speakers in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA.)
  • Practice and master their acquired conversation skills.
  • Revise studied vocabulary and grammar.


Our Methodology:

The Arabic conversation course is designed to facilitate the necessary Arabic conversation skills to non-native speakers of Arabic. We use a variety of teaching methodologies to enhance student learning. Our interactive program allows students to connect with one another and with the teacher in order to practice their language skills in real life situations. Join now and converse with a highly qualified native speaker of Arabic.

Course Syllabus:

  1. My family and I.
  2. Countries.
  3. In the Market.
  4. What’s News.
  5. Good old days.
  6. My best relative ever.
  7. My last weekend.
  8. I have lots of friends.
  9. I just love kids.
  10. Spare time.
  11. Business.
  12. Habits and hobbies.

Important Information:

  • All our classes are live to ensure full understanding and correct implementation of the lessons.
  • Flexible times; all times can be changed upon agreement with the teacher.
  • Class duration is 45 minutes.
  • For tuition and fees, please refer to our Prices & Registration page.